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The MF&A Group is aentity specializing in environmental consulting, which integrates the companies Matos, Fonseca & Associados Portugal, ECOFIELD and Matos, Fonseca & Associados Mozambique and provides an integrated and global set of consultancy services in the environmental area,focusing total at customer support.


In addition to the national market, the group also operates in foreign markets, with emphasis on Portuguese-speaking African countries.

In their areas of work, countries such asMozambique, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast and Romania.

The MF&A Group registers more then 700 elaborate works, as a whole.

MF&A Portugal

Matos, Fonseca & Associados Portugal is a limited liability company based in Portugal. It was founded at the end of 2006 and began its activity in January 2007. 

MF&A Mozambique

Matos, Fonseca & Associados Moçambique is a limited liability company based in Maputo, Mozambique, founded in 2012.


Ecofield is a limited liability company based in Portugal. It was founded in late 2011. 

Our motto has been and will continue to be:
MF&A – Building Sustainability


Through a dynamic posture and constant presence, ensure the expectations of our Customers and Partners, offering them the security and guarantee of mastery of our work areas, contributing to their success and growth.


To be a company that supports the creation of value for our Clients, through the constant provision of support, contributing to the growth and maturation of the market in which we operate.


Customer Value

Excellence in service

trust in the relationship

Simplicity in communication

Innovation in solutions

Quality in approaches






We seek to create value for the customer, through service excellence, reliability, trust, availability and simplicity in communication. We focus our service on presenting innovative solutions and quality approaches, based on a practice of sharing, transparency, proximity and proactivity in project coordination.


We try to contribute to “building sustainability”, looking “outside”, through the services we provide, but also “inside”, by creating a work environment focused on the satisfaction of our employees.

Environmental issues are critical decision-making and project management factors, at various levels, which is why the MF&A Group provides transversal and constant support throughout the development of the entire project.

In addition to active participation in some of the most relevant environmental topics in Portugal, the MF&A Group's work portfolio includes more than seven hundred environmental studies and projects, both nationally and internationally. 



Policy  for environmental quality and safety management.

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